Elevating Ripio's Crypto Platform with AWS Partnership

Ripio is a digital platform that offers its customers the possibility to buy, sell, and manage their cryptocurrencies.
They have an application that provides cryptocurrency management products, a virtual wallet, market trend information, etc.
Currently, the company has been in the market for 8 years and operates in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, and Spain, thanks to its more than 3 million registered users.

The Challenge

Take the DevOps culture of the platform and its infrastructure to the next level, enabling them to deploy more securely, smoothly, and orderly.

Issues They lacked a functional local environment. Self-managed Kubernetes clusters without maintenance. No infrastructure as code. No platform documentation. Outdated or obsolete CI/CD pipelines. Many Docker images lacked Dockerfiles. No implemented monitoring tool for clear visibility during issues. Objective Develop a dockerized local environment that allows the team to have a comfortable and easy onboarding experience. Migrate the solution to EKS with infrastructure written as code. Document 100% of the infrastructure and deployment processes. Create a microservices creation standard, enabling teams to quickly take new products into production through CI/CD pipelines. Update all productive and non-productive containers to use docker images built from versioned Dockerfiles and updated dependencies meeting the latest security requirements. Implement a monitoring solution that allows visibility into logs, metrics, and traces.

The Solution

Our solution was based on implementing Terraform modules that allowed them to update and replicate portions of the infrastructure.

All images were updated and standardized across the entire platform, enabling engineers to perform deployments and updates more securely.

Additionally, an extensible local environment was created. It’s easy to use and 100% documented. This allowed new engineers to become familiar with the platform quickly and easily.

Finally, Datadog was implemented across all services and servers, providing the team with clear centralized visibility into the platform’s health in real-time.

The Results


Infrastructure 100% as code with minimal management required 100% automated application deployment with CI/CD pipelines


Following Craftech’s team implementations, Ripio now has a reliable system that monitors their systems and alerts the team of any potential issues that may arise.


Since the implementation of EKS, the company has grown more than triple in services, and the engineering staff has grown over 200%. The work of the Craftech team has enabled them to scale rapidly and efficiently, while still focusing on being cost-effective.