Transforming Infrastructure for Scalability and Efficiency With Craftech

Alephee, an innovator in the automotive ecosystem, connects brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and service providers. Expanding globally, they needed a robust, scalable infrastructure. Partnering with Craftech, Alephee seamlessly migrated to AWS, enhancing performance and reliability.

The Challenge

Alephee’s existing infrastructure involved multiple components. This setup was costly and limited their ability to scale efficiently worldwide. The main challenge was to migrate their critical operations with minimal downtime and ensure that the new environment supported their growing data needs and global customer base.

The Solution

Craftech designed a comprehensive migration strategy that not only transitioned Alephee’s infrastructure to AWS but also transformed their operational capabilities. The migration included:

Kubernetes Workloads: Transitioning to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to enhance container management and orchestration.

Database Management: Migrating to Amazon RDS SQL Server, ensuring robust data handling capabilities with near-zero downtime.

Application Hosting: Shifting to AWS Elastic Beanstalk for more scalable and reliable application deployments.

Database and Messaging Services Migration: Moving Redis, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB from Docker Swarm to fully managed services like Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon MQ, and MongoDB Atlas. Additionally, transitioning to MongoDB Atlas to streamline database administration and performance.

Monitoring and Insights

To ensure operational excellence, Craftech implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring stack that included:

  • Grafana and Loki for logging and visualization,
  • Prometheus and Thanos for comprehensive monitoring and long-term data storage,
  • AWS CloudWatch and AWS RDS Performance Insights for real-time performance monitoring.

This robust setup allows Alephee’s technical team to proactively manage their infrastructure and ensure optimal performance across all services.

The new AWS environment enhanced their scalability, allowing them to efficiently manage increased traffic and data loads. The multi-cloud CI/CD setup ensured continuous integration and delivery across platforms, making their operations truly agile and responsive.

Looking Ahead

With their new AWS infrastructure, Alephee is now more agile and better equipped to handle the demands of their expanding global presence. Craftech continues to support Alephee in optimizing their operations and leveraging cloud technologies to drive growth and innovation.


This successful migration underscores Craftech’s expertise in cloud solutions and our commitment to delivering transformative results for our clients. Alephee’s journey to AWS is not just a migration; it’s a strategic evolution to meet the future head-on, with Craftech at the helm.