Our goal is to provide the best DevOps experience by making use of the best practices and new technologies, allowing us to deliver easy to use and mantainable solutions.
Scalability at the lowest cost
By using container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes (k8s), infrastructure resources utilization is way better optimized, thus reducing costs and gaining infinite scalability. We can help you build continuous deployments with zero downtime and implement modern techniques, such as Canary and Blue/Green deployments.
DevOps as a Service
Our team is composed of great professionals with different skills sets. Our clients don’t need to worry about who is carrying on with a certain project, because they count with our full staff to be on it. This way the client does not have to worry about the absence of a person, or the possession of the know-how of how to carry out their needs.
Continuous Delivery
Continous integration (CI) and continous delivery (CD) are key points for releasing to production in a fast and reliable way. At Craftech, our team design pipelines that ajust to a wide variety of situations, therefore providing tools to never have down time for our clients.
Consulting & Training
We provide consulting services for IT infrastructure. As we move forward with the implementation of our projects, we train developers teams to help them transition to newer and better technologies, making it easy for them to adjust to changes. This way, our clients won’t depend on Craftech to continue evolving and administering their projects.
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