Amazon EKS Service Delivery.

At Craftech, we design and implement scalable, secure, reusable, and highly available infrastructures. Together with our team of experts, we help businesses optimize their infrastructure costs and achieve maximum scalability.
Amazon EKS is the most reliable way to start, run, and scale Kubernetes. With Amazon EKS, our customers can benefit from all the performance, scale, reliability, and availability of the AWS infrastructure, as well as integrations with AWS services for networking and security.

Benefits and Advantages

Cloud Automation

Every aspect of the infrastructure will be managed using Infrastructure as Code or Infrastructure as Software, depending on the client's requirements.


Observability is key to prevent, detect, and resolve incidents. We configure monitoring, metrics, logs, and tracing to understand the current state of the platform, Kubernetes application, and necessary services.


We apply automated CI/CD to create, test, and deploy applications in Kubernetes, including necessary metrics to understand the performance of the delivery process. This is important to drive software and features consistently in the market

Scalability and Availability

With Kubernetes on AWS, you will be ready to scale up and down in response to user demand. The architecture and implementation of the infrastructure will be fault-tolerant, highly available, and ready to provide disaster recovery

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs with efficient computing resources that implement auto-scaling more effectively.

Security and Compliance

Our team will follow standard security best practices by implementing tasks such as IAM roles for access control and network policies for pod communication. This way, your organization can better protect its data and resources.

Success stories

Our clients trust us thanks to our vast experience, delivery processes, and the close monitoring we carry out for each project, where quality is always our top priority.